We fear that which we cannot see.

A shrine to Rukia Kuchiki of Bleach.

Greetings and welcome to Hikaru, Crystal's one-page shrine to Rukia Kuchiki from the animanga series BLEACH by Tite Kubo. Rukia is a character that caught my attention right away when I first saw her in the anime with her strength and grace and after watching her and learning more about her character I learned we are a lot alike. She's completely awesome and I love her dearly. Even though I don't follow the series anymore––I do hope to get back into it one day––Rukia still holds a special place in my heart, as does this site, which is why I chose to keep the site online. Please be warned that this site will likely be full of unmarked spoilers up to the end of the Soul Society arc, as that is about as far as I am in the series, so if you are unfamiliar with that part of the series or just getting started with it please watch your step! If you happen to have any comments or questions regarding anything around the site feel free to contact me. Other than that I hope you enjoy your stay!

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The wheels of fate slowly turn.

A little bit of information on who she is.

Name: Rukia Kuchiki (朽木 ルキア, Kuchiki Rukia)
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 14
Height: 4'8½" / 144 cm
Weight: 73 lbs. / 33 kg
Occupation: Shinigami/Soul Reaper
Zanpaktou: Sode no Shirayuki
Voice: Orikasa Fumiko (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)
Theme song: Wing-Stock by Ashley MacIsaac
Doesn't like tight clothes.
Likes to climb to high places.
Likes rabbit-related items.
Likes cucumber and shira-tama, but the list could get longer.

Rukia Kuchiki is a Shinigami (Death God) who makes her first appearance in episode 1 of the anime and briefly at the beginning of volume 1 of the manga although, her official appearance isn't until a bit later in chapter 1 when she appears in Ichigo's bedroom. At first she seems arrogant, uncaring and very serious, but we learn she does have a playful, caring and compassionate side as well. She also places her life below others because of the fact that she constantly feels guilty for what happened to Kaien and that she could not find an alternate way to help him. This guilt-ridden attitude carries on to Ichigo, and she often feels that his life would have been better if the two had never met. Because of this she looses her will to live and does not resist at all when it comes time for her execution. Rumor has it that she has the skills to be a seated officer but her brother will not allow it because of the dangers involved.

I found Rukia's theme song to be rather interesting after looking it up, and although I don't know what thoughts went through the creator's head as to why this song was chosen I thought I would at least share my thoughts on it. Rukia's theme song is Wing-Stock by Ashley MacIsaac which is a rather interesting piece. It is a Celtic song which starts out slow and gradually gets faster. The song reminds me of an evolution or a series of events. Kinda like how Rukia's personality changed from the beginning of the series to later on. Where at the beginning she carries all this blame on herself and thinks of herself as nothing where later on those thoughts change and she begins to rely more on her friends and loose that guilt she'd been carrying (or at least enough that it doesn't control her life near as much). As I said these are all just my personal thoughts and I'm likely way off. If you have yet to hear the song I would suggest you go listen to it now!

Life was rough then but we were happy.

Rukia's life before becoming a Shinigami.

Rukia's life before becoming a Shinigami––or even a noble for that matter––was far from being comfortable as she lived in the Seventy-Eighth District of South Rukongai, Inzuri, which was the worst of the worst of all the districts. Grownups were murderers and thieves while the children were like stray dogs. But when Rukia and Renji met that day life seemed to get a little better for them. There was five kids in all and they formed their own little surrogate family with Rukia as their center. Though she often came off as boyish and bossy but despite that her natural elegance would always shine through. In their little family Rukia and Renji were also the only ones to have strong spiritual powers. After ten years had passed their little family of five had become two. With the passing of their friends they decided to go to the Seireitei to become Shinigami and escape the hard life of Rukongai in hopes of a better life. Because Rukia and Renji had some talent they were accepted into the Shinigami Academy and soared through the ranks despite being surrounded by aristocrats.

One day Rukia was approached by members of the Kuchiki family saying that she was to be adopted into the family. With that she would be graduating early and was arranged to join the Gotei 13 right away in which she was accepted into the 13th Division.

Bring peaceful rest to the living dead.

About the Shinigami and the Soul Society.

The way of the Shinigami is vast and complex and while I don't entirely understand it all myself I will try my best to explain it to the best of my abilities. Basically, what Shinigami do is work to preserve the balance of souls within the living world and the Soul Society. If the balance is ever tipped the destruction of the universe would happen which would be the end of all life. In order to keep this from happening the Gotei 13 was formed. With the Council of 46 giving out the commands the Gotei 13 work to complete those orders.

The Shinigami work to bring souls to the Soul Society either by performing a konso (soul burial) ritual on a soul or by killing a hollow (malevolent souls that were once human but now monsters who lost their chains of fate). They do this by using a zanpakutou, a sword that reflects aspects of the Shinigami's personality and soul. By learning the name of their zanpakutou one can unlock powerful transformations of it. The first is known as "shikai" (initial release) which changes the sword's appearance to better facilitate its special abilities. It also serves as a contract between the Shinigami and the zanpakutou showing that only the wielder can use its powers to the fullest. The second transformation is called "bankai" (final release) and can take years for the wielder to master. Once achieved however the Shinigami can unleash the full potential of their zanpaktou and increase their power tremendously.

Shinigami can also learn to use kidou (way of the demon), a form of magic that can be performed by reciting a specific incantation. Most of the kidou spells seen are used for attacking, defending, and binding but they can also be used for healing or communicating over great distances. Spells are ranked from 1 to 99 which indicates their complexity and power.

Guilty of crime and sentenced to death.

Apparently giving away one's powers is a crime.

After disappearing in the living world for a long period of time and knowing that she couldn't stay for much longer Rukia left Ichigo, and was soon found by Byakuya and Renji who were ordered to bring her back to the Soul Society for trial and to kill the human who "stole" her powers. Though she would not tell them it was Ichigo he eventually does come in an attempt to rescue her. Unfortunately, Ichigo was quickly defeated by Byakuya and was stripped of his powers as a result. If not for Rukia's pleading he would have likely killed Ichigo. The three of them returned to the Soul Society as Ichigo watched helplessly, unable to do anything.

Wanting to save her Ichigo trained under Kisuke Urahara to get his powers back and to learn how to properly use them. When the time came he and his friends entered the Soul Society in hopes of rescuing her. The task would not be easy as they were met with resistance from the other Shinigami and thrown into battle after battle until Ichigo, Ganju Shiba and Hanataro Yamada succeed at arriving at the Senzaikyu (the repentance palace) where Rukia was being held. They were not alone, however, as Byakuya was there as well. Ganju was defeated by Byakuya and Yoruichi, a friend of Urahara's, incapacitated Ichigo as to avoid getting himself killed again. She then trained him, in a hidden location, to master bankai (the second stage release of a zanpakutou) in only a couple days. When word of Rukia's execution goes around that it was moved to tomorrow Yoruichi questioned whether Ichigo could master bankai in time. Ichigo assured her that he would and managed to do just that.

The next morning had come and Rukia was taken to the execution site where she was to be put to death. Before that could happen however Ichigo appeared and stopped the execution. After Rukia was freed and told to escape with Renji several battles broke out and Ichigo and Byakuya once again engaged in combat. With Ichigo as the victor he promised to stop pursuing Rukia. Soon after however it was discovered that the Council of 46 had been murdered, and not recently judging from how dry the blood was. It was soon learned that all the orders that the Shinigami were receiving were fake and that Sousuke Aizen Aizen had faked his own death and that he had arranged the whole execution ordeal with Rukia himself.

Revealing his intentions as to why he did what he did it was discovered that Rukia had within her soul an item that Aizen desired and that the only way to get it was to destroy her soul. After learning of an alternate plan if the first failed he had recaptured Rukia after easily overpowering both Ichigo and Renji and obtained the Hougyoku (breakdown sphere) without killing her. When news about Aizen's betrayal was spread among the Gotei 13 he became surrounded but remained smug about it. When Yoruichi caught wind of what he had planned she and Soi Fon let go of Aizen and he, Gin Ichimaru, and Kaname Tousen became surrounded in a light called "Negacion" that menos would use to rescue each other. They all watched helplessly as the three of them were taken. All they could do was prepare for when Aizen made his next move.

Her skin was soft and white like snow.

Rukia's Zanpakutou, the Sode no Shirayuki.

Unfortunately, we don't get to see Rukia's zanpakutou in action until chapter 201 in the manga and episode 117 in the anime making its appearance very late. When it does make its appearance however her zanpakutou is revealed as Sode no Shirayuki (meaning Sleeves of White Snow) which is claimed to be the most beautiful blade within the Soul Society. Using the word "Dance" she can summon the shikai form of her sword which is pure white and has a long white ribbon tail attached to the end of the hilt. Its powers are ice and snow based which goes perfectly with the color of it. The main ability we see with it is when she uses the command "some no mai, tsukishiro" (meaning first dance, white moon) where it places a circle on the ground and freezes everything within that circle, including anything in the sky above making it a versatile ability. Her zanpakutou has other abilities, too, but because I am slow and far behind in both the anime and manga I can't yet go into much detail about them yet, but hopefully one day.

These bonds that tie us make us strong.

Rukia's relationships with other people.

Throughout the series Rukia interacts with many different people, all of which impact her in one way or the other. Because of the fact that this is a small site I am only going to list the few I feel are most significant to her character. Otherwise this would get a lot longer than I would like. Here they are below.

The first person I feel to be of importance to Rukia is Kaien Shiba, the assistant captain of the 13th Division. He was someone Rukia greatly admired, probably because of the fact that he wouldn't treat her like a noble, but instead a normal person, something that she wanted people to do. I think from overhearing some of the other members talk and perhaps sensing it from Rukia as well that it was something she wanted so that's what he did. It could also just be the fact that he is an all around goofy guy and doesn't seem care about a person's stature. Whenever she'd feel down he'd cheer her up by saying that he is her friend and that he would never pry if something was bothering her. As such, she cared a great deal about him. I can only imagine how she must have felt on that day when Kaien became possessed by a hollow and was told to flee but instead came back because she knew she had to save him somehow. When she killed him he was thankful but she only felt selfish and pathetic in the end because she claims to have done it all for herself.

Next up is Ichigo Kurosaki. Her meeting with Ichigo was accidental, if not a bit careless on her part, but I'd imagine running into a human who could see spirits was the last thing she'd have expected to run into. When his family was attacked by a hollow and Rukia was injured trying to fight it she offered some of her powers to Ichigo who then used them to defeat the hollow. Because Ichigo took more than she had intended to give she remained with him in order to regain her powers. During that time she felt she could completely trust Ichigo, but she also felt she had twisted his fate and that that she hurt him terribly as a result. I don't think that was true, however, as when the Soul Society came to take her back for committing a crime of giving away her powers Ichigo vowed to rescue her––not because of the fact that he cared for her but rather because he claimed he still owed her for helping him save his family and that he felt that he never really paid her back for it. Because of that he felt like he would be a bad person if he didn't at least try and do something to help her, even if she did tell Ichigo not to come after her. I think it's just Ichigo's own way of showing he cares.

Another is Renji Abarai. These two had been friends since long before becoming Shinigami. As such, they have known each other for the longest amount of time. They met through a random encounter and had been together ever since. When they decided to become Soul Reapers they decided to enter the academy. They flied through the ranks until one day he found Rukia with a couple of nobles. Considering his opinion on them at the time I can only imagine what thoughts ran through his head when she told him she was to be adopted into the Kuchiki family. He tried to act happy for her saying that she was so lucky and such, but I think in reality he may have been jealous of her because she finally had a real family. I think Rukia could see through it, and, as such, left him standing there, alone. I'm sure he really wanted to run after her, but he would tell himself not to and to let her go, which I can't imagine at all to be an easy thing to do. They hadn't spoken for years afterward, but I'm sure he never stopped thinking about her. It's possible Rukia never stopped thinking about Renji either. I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for Ichigo wanting to save Rukia and it rubbing off on Renji they would have never spoken to each other again.

Last, but not least, I cannot forget Orihime Inoue. Reason being is that she is the only human (besides Ichigo but he doesn't count) that she really interacts with. Although they don't interact together a lot directly, indirectly their relationship is pretty neat––especially when Ichigo is involved. Basically I think of their relationship as a scale. If not balanced it will either tilt one way or the other. Alone they don't do much, but together they balance each other out. Rukia is an aggressive fighter who may not think twice about cutting down her enemy, and Orihime is not an aggressive person who would rather find an alternate solution to a fight rather than kill. That said, they balance each other out and determine how exactly to deal with a situation. Whether it be with each other, another member of the team, or with just each other, they belong together (and not in a romantic way mind you). It is also shown that they care a great deal about each other. Orihime helps rescue Rukia from the Soul Society and likewise Rukia helps rescue Orihime when she's in trouble. I will admit that Rukia and Orihime's relationships is one of my favorite relationships in the entire series.

I cannot seem to make him proud of me.

Rukia's adoptive family and the secrets they hide.

Nothing is known of Rukia's parents, and for the majority of her childhood it wasn't something she thought much about. At least, I think that to be the case due to how life was where she grew up. For a while her friends were her family, but after their passing, and Rukia and Renji entering the academy all that changed when she was approached by the heads of the Kuchiki family.

Byakuya Kuchiki is Rukia's adoptive brother, and head of the Kuchiki family. As such he acts very much in an aristocratic manner. He always seems apathetic towards others, but in reality he is deeply conflicted. He strongly believes in upholding the law, and anyone who breaks it should be punished, even if it goes against his wishes. Because of his position in one of the great noble families, and as a captain in the Gotei 13 he, feels he should follow the rules or else no one will. I'm sure if it weren't for his desire to upload the law he would have done everything within his power to save Rukia from being executed, even if it meant disobeying the law himself. I think his battle with Ichigo changed his views on a few things, one being that he would no longer chase Rukia in order to kill her, and that he would confess to her why he wanted to adopt her into the family to begin with. Though it does not appear obvious at first glance, Byakuya does care a great deal about Rukia, and even refers to her as his "pride". One example showing this is when Gin Ichimaru is about to kill her, after Aizen removed the Hougyoku from her body, Byakuka appears and takes the hit from the attack in order to protect her, greatly injuring himself in the process. I think he would die for her.

We never actually get to meet Hisana Kuchiki as she dies 55 years prior to the beginning of the series. What we do know is that she was Byakuya's wife, and that he loved her dearly. After the ordeal with Aizen, Byakuya confesses to Rukia that Hisana was in fact her elder sister. When Hisana and Rukia passed from the living world they were sent to Inzuri in the Rukongai. Because life was hard, and she could not properly care for herself and Rukia she abandoned Rukia. Because of this she could never forgive herself. It is unclear how Byakuya and Hisana met, but after becoming his wife she searched endlessly for Rukia for the next five years. On her deathbed she begged Byakuya to find her and to protect her. She also asked that he allow Rukia to call him "brother" and to not say that she was her sister as she felt undeserving of being called such. Byakuya found Rukia one year later. Because it was against the Kuchiki family law to marry someone from the Rukongai, or even take someone into family not of noble birth, he swore upon his family's grave that he would uphold the law, no matter what the cost. When Rukia was condemned he became conflicted. He didn't know whether to honor the oath to his parents or to keep his promise to Hisana. In the end he thanked Ichigo (for what I'm not exactly sure), and asked Rukia that she forgive him.

A first glance can only get you so far.

My thoughts about Rukia and why I like her.

For some reason I made this site without adding a page on why I like Rukia and so I'm attempting to do this now. Be warned though that I've had nothing to do with Bleach for years so a lot of what I liked about Rukia may have been forgotten. I really should try and get back into this series. But anyway, let's see if I can remember any of my thoughts from when I first made this site. Well, from what I mentioned on the introduction, I loved Rukia when I first saw her because of her strength and grace. Not sure why that is, but those things are greatly appealing to me, especially with female characters (maybe it's because I lack any kind of grace *cough*). After getting to know Rukia more and learning how much alike we were at the time I loved her even more. I once thought myself inferior to everyone, and thought everyone would be better off without me, just like her, but I am slowly learning that I am awesome just the way I am and that I am important, too. I hope Rukia discovers that too, because she has people who consider her to be important to them (why else would Ichigo and company try to rescue her?). Aside from that though we both care strongly about the ones we love, and would do anything for them. I think it's something important to remember as sometimes we can be so wrapped up in ourselves and forget about others.

There are things we just don't know.

Information about the site and such.

Hikaru is a shrine dedicated to the character Rukia Kuchiki from the anime and manga series BLEACH by Tite Kubo. This shrine was created as part of the annual Amassment One Page, One Month Shrine Marathon which took place in July 2011. Although I not longer follow the series this shrine will remain online for the time being. Maybe one day I'll get back into the series and give the site the attention it deserves.

A Rukia shrine was something I wanted to do for the longest time, but finding the motivation to actually do something about it was incredibly difficult. I had made several layouts in an attempt to get myself started, but it would never get farther than that. Strangely, the thing that actually got me to do content for this site was another shrine I was working on at the time which oddly had nothing to do with Bleach. Despite that though the excitement to be working on it had managed to spread to Rukia as well which enabled me to finish her shrine. Funny how that works. I can't complain though because it saw this site to completion. Hooray!

Currently we are on version 2 of the site which was made by me using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and then coded by hand using Notepad. The image used in the layout was found at Minitokyo, and other images used were photographed by me. Textures used were found at the late Aethereality.net and patterns used were found at Subtle Patterns. The fonts used are called AR ESSENCE and Georgia, both of which were default with my computer. Credit goes to Wikipedia and Bleach Wiki for some information used on this site. Huge thank you to Lethe for helping me fix a problem I had with the layout! ♥ It was super frustrating when I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working properly. Previous layouts used may be found at my layout archive.

The red string of fate that binds us.

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The end of all things has not yet come.

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